In 1996, I was contacted by my high school choral director, Linda Hummel, asking if I was interested in directing the Spring Musical at my alma mater, Lower Dauphin, in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. It had been 10 years since I graduated, and in that decade, I had completed my Bachelors degree in Theatre at Indiana University […]


When our family goes to the movies, nowadays, we usually see an action film of some kind or another. Marvel movies. Star Wars movies. And I enjoy most of them immensely. My wife, for the most part, tolerates them because she wants to join in the fun with our daughter, son and me. But I […]

No Shit, Sherlock.

     A year or two ago my daughter Emma and I started watching the BBC show Sherlock. It’s a brilliant show, with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the iconic British detective Sherlock Holmes, and Martin Freeman playing his equally iconic side-kick Dr. John Watson. It reimagines these characters in modern times, to near perfection. In 2013, […]


I was born on Christmas Day, 1967. Last week I turned 50 years old. Half a century. Huzzah! A couple of weeks ago my wife Amy asked me if I had any pearls of wisdom to share as I approached my fiftieth birthday. I thought for a minute, then said something to the effect of, […]

Lost Song Found

     When I was a freshman theatre major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, way back in 1986-87, I attended more than a few parties at Dave and Kevin’s apartment. These weren’t your typical college parties. These guys were 4 or 5 years older than me, and most of the party goers were older students […]

Dippy Eggs

One of the first foods I ever learned to make for myself (guided by my mother), when I was a teenager, was Dippy Eggs. I guess outside of Pennsylvania they’re better known as “over medium” eggs. Hard whites, gooey yolks! My mother would make them for us regularly, and it was, and probably still is, […]

Take Me To Church

My daughter and I went to church on Sunday. Not really a big deal…but… It’s been years since our family attended the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg (UCH) regularly. We’re still considered members, I think. When we started going to the church, our daughter was still a baby, and today she is 14 years old. That tells […]

My Two Worthless Cents

What I find most interesting about this presidential campaign, is the shock and surprise by many of my NPR loving, climate change trumpeting, mostly secular, well-read and educated, left wing friends regarding Trump’s popularity. I think you don’t keep up with popular culture. Have you seen any of the extremely popular, yet abhorrent reality TV […]

Back From The Dead

This theme has been rattling around in my head for the past week or so. So I thought it might be time to start writing again. Here goes nothing. The first thing back from the dead, then, would be my blog. I’ve taken quite a long break from writing. For several years I was writing […]